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Einhell drill

The best cordless drills from Einhell

The traditional Bavarian company Einhell offers a wide range of gardening equipment and tools. The range is primarily aimed at private users. The range also includes various cordless drills. An Einhell drill is characterised by a favourable price and high ease of use. Both 18V and 12V models are offered. These can be purchased individually or as a comprehensive set.

Einhell drill

In the following, we will show you which cordless drill from Einhell is recommended. You will also find out what you should generally bear in mind in this context. We hope that this guide will help you make your decision.

Einhell drill – 3 models in the presentation

Einhell TC-CD 18/35 Li

18V TC-CD 18/35

Einhell cordless drills are partly offered in practical sets, thanks to which the user is flexibly positioned. Particularly popular in this context is the model Einhell TC-CD 18/35 Li .

The 18V drill is delivered with a rechargeable battery and the matching charger. The battery capacity is a rather limited 1.5 Ah, which is why it makes sense to keep more batteries on hand for larger projects. When assembled, the drill weighs just 1.3 kg and is therefore quite easy to guide, even when working above the shoulders. The rubberised handle and the LED light at the front support you in your work.

The torque can be varied in 2 gears and 21 preselection levels. The peak torque is 35 Nm, which makes this cordless drill more suitable for small and moderately demanding tasks. This can also be seen in the 10 mm quick-action drill chuck. Despite the 18V voltage, you cannot use very large drills here. On the other hand, the device is really very good value for money.

All in all, the TC-CD 18/35 Li is an affordable and popular 18V cordless drill from Einhell. It comes with a 1.5 Ah battery and a charger – yet it costs just 50 euros in the offer. The weight is quite low for an 18V model. In terms of performance, however, it is already apparent that the device was designed more for moderate tasks. The LED lighting and a battery capacity indicator contribute to a high level of comfort. On the other hand, the fact that the 1.5 Ah battery takes 1 hour to charge can be criticised.

Einhell TE-CD 18 Li

Brushless combi TE-CD 18

The DIY drills from Einhell can also satisfy high demands. A high-quality cordless drill from the manufacturer is the Einhell TE-CD 18 Li .

This model is equipped with a brushless motor and can therefore be classified as particularly powerful. The maximum torque is 60 Nm, which is why even large screws can be reliably countersunk and removed. In addition, a 13 mm quick-action drill chuck made of robust metal is installed. If you want to drill large holes in wood and the like, this 18V drill is the right choice for you.

Although the weight is also less than 2 kg, an additional handle is included. This allows you to distribute the weight evenly over both arms. Other features include an LED light and a metal belt hook. Thanks to the latter, you can move safely, especially at heights – on ladders or the like. Stiftung Warentest gave this Einhell cordless drill a rating of Good (2.0) in a test.

Overall, the TE-CD 18 Li is a high-quality cordless drill from Einhell. It has a brushless motor and is suitable for screwing XXL screws and drilling large diameters. The gearbox and quick-action drill chuck are made of metal, among other things, to ensure a long service life. An additional handle is included so that handling remains comfortable. Customers are very satisfied with this brushless cordless drill.

Einhell TH-CD 12-2 Li

12V cordless TH-CD 12

Einhell also offers very handy 12V cordless drills. A proven classic here is the Einhell TH-CD 12-2 Li .

This cordless drill screwdriver weighs only approx. 1 kg including the battery and can therefore also be used by women and senior citizens. It is available either as a single device or as a comprehensive set. Even including the battery, charger and carrying case, the screwdriver costs well under 50 euros. However, its range of applications is also limited to simple tasks. The manufacturer lists the maximum torque as 24 Nm – it can be adjusted 19 times.

The maximum clamping width of the quick-action drill chuck is again 10 mm. It can be opened and closed without complications. In addition, this small 12V cordless screwdriver already has 2 gears. It can be used perfectly in confined spaces, such as inside a wall cupboard. One negative complaint is the long charging time of the 1.3 Ah battery (3 hours).

In summary, the TH-CD 12-2 Li is a handy cordless drill from Einhell. The device is very affordable and ideal for working in confined spaces. However, the power is quite limited. Thanks to the included case, you can always transport the screwdriver easily and store it safely. What you can miss with this model is the lack of LED lighting.

Einhell drill – You should always pay attention to the following

Selection options & drive

Einhell currently offers 23 classic cordless drills. Almost all models are available either as a single device or as a set including battery and co. In addition, there are other models such as impact drills, which is why the selection can certainly be described as comprehensive.

Power is supplied either by a 12 V battery or an 18 V battery. Common capacities range from 2 to 5 Ah (ampere hours). The greater the numerical value, the longer you can work at a stretch. At the same time, however, the costs, the weight and the dimensions of the battery also increase.

While Einhell’s 18V drills are called TE-CD, the 12V drills are called TH-CD.

Like many other manufacturers, Einhell now consistently uses lithium-ion technology. This promises long durability (no memory effect) and low self-discharge. In addition, such batteries can be kept comparatively compact and light because they have a high energy density.

Depending on the model, the motor is either brushless or equipped with carbon brushes. Brushless motors are generally considered better because they are more powerful (no friction losses) and still last longer. In addition, such motors can be designed to be compact. Of course, where there are no carbon brushes, they cannot wear out.


Power is always important. It must fit the requirements on site, otherwise frustration and stress are the inevitable consequence. In this context, it definitely makes sense to look at several parameters, because one value does not always tell the whole story.

What kind of screws can be screwed into which material is primarily determined by the torque. This is expressed in Newton metres (Nm). The higher the torque, the more reliably you can get long and thick screws into the material you want. An Einhell drill provides you with up to 60 Nm – which is perfectly adequate for a wide range of tasks around the house and in the workshop.

The fact that the torque can be adjusted on a preselection ring (or electronically) is more than helpful. For countersinking small screws, it is absolutely advisable to reduce the torque. A low torque prevents sinking too deep into the material and splintering in wood and plastic.

When it comes to drill diameters, it has actually become established that manufacturers transparently specify the maximum values for common materials. However, Einhell does not currently comply with this on its product detail pages on the Internet.

If you want to drill holes in masonry and bricks, it is a good idea to use an impact drill. The impact can be switched on and off as desired.

In addition, the battery voltage also indicates the potential power. 18V cordless drills can generally provide more power than 12V models.

The wattage is not shown directly on an Einhell drill – as is also common with other manufacturers. This can be advantageous, because the wattage per se only defines the power consumption. A high energy consumption/time unit may indicate more power, but this is by no means certain. In the past, high wattages were often used as an enticement. How much power is then lost in practice due to friction and the like cannot be predicted.

Drill chuck

The type of drill chuck has a considerable influence on the convenience and the possibilities of use in practice. An Einhell cordless drill comes with a so-called quick-action drill chuck. This promises decisive advantages. For example, it can be unscrewed and fixed with one hand. Separate tools do not need to be provided.

The 18V drills from Einhell are usually equipped with a 13 mm quick-action drill chuck. The 12V cordless drills from the manufacturer are often fitted with a 10 mm quick-action drill chuck. The numerical values define the maximum clamping width. From a diameter of approx. 1.5 mm, the first drill bits can be securely fixed.


The handling of a cordless drill should of course be as comfortable as possible. Then you can concentrate well and do not have to fear physical discomfort. This in turn leads to more precise results.

First and foremost, the ease of use is of course influenced by the weight. Even a powerful Einhell drill weighs just 1.5 kg. Accordingly, the tools can be effortlessly guided above the shoulders. For women and senior citizens, the 12V models are even more interesting in this respect, because some of them weigh only 1 kg including the battery.

Rubberised surfaces (softgrip) ensure that you can grip firmly and securely. They prevent the development of feelings of pressure and calluses on the palm.

The currently largest cordless drill from Einhell – in the form of the TE-CD 18 Li BR – comes with an additional handle. This distributes the weight evenly over both arms and thus prevents overloading of the wrist and tendons, among other things.

In general, the operation is intuitive. This is ensured by clear symbols, such as numerical values on the torque preselection ring or arrows on the right-left barrel.


Einhell cordless drills can have features that improve comfort and variability. We will briefly explain which of these are particularly useful in the following.

As already mentioned, the operation is easy to find your way around. First of all, you can preselect the torque. With most models, this is done manually via a number ring. The higher the selected value, the higher the torque in practice.

Furthermore, you can switch between 1st and 2nd gear on the top of the housing. In 1st gear, the maximum torque can be called up – ideal for countersinking large screws and for rough drilling. In 2nd gear, the motor turns higher but develops less power – ideal for delicate work in soft materials.

Switching from right-hand to left-hand rotation and vice versa is done by pressing the lever on the side. The drill itself starts in the classic way when the central throttle switch is pressed.

In order to be able to work reliably in dark corners, an Einhell drill is usually equipped with a front LED. The light comes on automatically in dark areas as soon as the throttle switch is pressed.

Other features may include a metal belt clip on the side. Thanks to it, it is possible to climb ladders and scaffolding with both hands, which significantly increases the safety aspect.

The batteries of the Power-X-Change ecosystem also have a three-stage capacity indicator. Sudden surprises can therefore be prevented in this context.


Of course, the price also influences the decision to a certain extent. It should be in fair proportion to your own requirements. In this case, there is the least potential for disappointment. In the cordless drill segment, this usually means the following: The more power you need and the more durable the components, the more you have to invest. In trade, it is particularly important to have robust parts.

The cordless drills from Einhell are quite affordable. Some 12V models cost less than 40 Pounds. Even the brushless models only require a double-digit budget. However, it must also be said that the devices cannot meet the highest demands. For ambitious do-it-yourselfers, they are an adequate solution. For commercial use, however, they cannot compete with the top models from Makita, Bosch, Milwaukee and Co.

Einhell drills – They have advantages & disadvantages

The cordless drills from Einhell have various advantages to offer. First of all, the prices are comparatively moderate. Nevertheless, high-quality brushless motors are already used in some cases. Nevertheless, some compromises have to be made. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons of the devices, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Large selection from more than 20 models
  • Comparatively good value
  • There are compact 12V models as well as powerful 18V models with brushless motor
  • Available either as a stand-alone unit or with accessories
  • Optimal solution for do-it-yourselfers
  • Power can usually be adjusted variably in 2 gears and more than 15 torque levels
  • Light weight and soft handles ensure high operating comfort
  • Quick-action drill chuck can be used with one hand and without tools
  • LED and belt clip add to comfort
  • Quick-Stop prevents overrunning
  • Drill chuck and gearbox can be made of robust metal
  • Power-X-Change batteries can be used flexibly in more than 100 different tools from the manufacturer


  • Without impact, a torque of 60 Nm is the end of the line (sufficient for most applications)
  • Quality is not as good as Bosch, Makita and Co.
  • Rather not suitable for hard, continuous use in the trade

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